Holistic Non-Invasive Spine and Joint Treatment Center

Non-surgical Spine And Joint Care

The field of Spine & Joint has been very profitable for the pharmaceutical and surgical sectors in healthcare. Increased drug prescription and the rise in surgical interventions have led to increased complications, disabilities, and even mortalities. The public is demanding practical solutions for their spine and joint malfunctions without having to risk organ failures, disability, or worse.

Spine and joint conditions are mechanical disorders that respond best to a mechanical solution. Neck pain or back pain has never killed a single person, but pharmaceutical products designed to control neck and back pain have killed thousands. The public is ready for a change. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has developed and launched targeted methods for the spine and joint as an alternative to drugs or surgery.

Our management strategy is key to our success – a product of three distinct disciplines: business and healthcare. Also, our understanding of a patient's needs has led to clinical successes even when other centers, clinics, and hospitals fail. We have an unyielding desire to help patients through our integrative methods and technology. Our most valued possession is our non-invasive spine and joint care philosophy and clinical team.

Chiropractor treating spine and joint.

Research-Based Clinical Treatments Are The Cornerstones Of Our Clinical Successes

We have a team of clinical research-based advisors and experts that actively treat patients. We know what healthcare patients, providers, and investors are. And as such, we are your best hope in starting and maintaining a profitable healthcare business. Our directors are not just managers or business people unfamiliar with patient care. They treat and help patients daily.

It is their active participation that helps us identify the latest trends in the effective management of patients in pain.

Physiotherapist going over gym ball exercise for the spine and joint.

Our most notable characteristic is our commitment to research and development. Through research and development, we are committed to being at the forefront of innovations for the betterment of our patients, franchises, and society. Our ongoing efforts will soon yield new cutting-edge breakthroughs in rehabilitating the upper and lower extremities. Join our franchise teams and become part of our success.


People are more health conscious, better educated, and more informed than they were a decade ago. The ease of obtaining healthcare information has led to a consumer-driven healthcare market. Today’s healthcare connoisseur is active in managing their spine and joint health.

They are more aware of the harmful aspects of medication and surgery. As such, there is a dramatic rise in non-invasive treatments for those suffering from spine, joint, or sports injuries. Chiropractic Specialty Center® patients and franchisees will benefit significantly from our products and integrative therapeutic options. We are confident in our superior level of services offered to those in need of non-surgical spine, joint, and sports injury treatment.

Female chiropractor going over spine and joint disorders.

A published Healthcare usage study of Asian countries reported the Healthcare Expenditure of Malaysia in 2012 was USD 12,214,800,000. According to Frost & Sullivan: “The Malaysian healthcare spending is set to grow at an annual average rate of 6.5%, reaching RM 68.4 Billion by 2018.” Everyone is trying to be healthier; the research above relates to this.

Patients demand quality corrective care focused on solving problems rather than covering up the symptoms. Our breakthrough spine and standard methods of tragic treatment are fast gaining the recognition it deserves. In time, we are confident that we will dominate the non-invasive and non-surgical fields of spine and joint care locally and globally.