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Best Whiplash Treatment In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holistic & Integrative Whiplash Treatment In Kuala Lumpur

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) provides the most holistic whiplash treatment in Kuala Lumpur. What makes our whiplash treatment better than competing centers is our integrative methods, therapy technologies, and personalized rehabilitation provided and planned by Malaysia’s most experienced chiropractor; Dr. Yama Zafer (an American Doctor of Chiropractic).

In this blog post, we have covered some of the basic facts about whiplash and what causes it. Most importantly, we bring you the details of what we can do for you to ensure your rapid recovery with holistic treatments through advanced methods and breakthrough therapy devices.

At CSC, our director has treated accident victims and sports injuries for over 26 years in Malaysia and the United States of America. Dr. Yama is highly experienced in identifying hidden injuries. Talk to us today about getting your consultation booked for a thorough assessment.

Whiplash Injuries Causes And Symptoms

Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful rapid back-and-forth movement of the head and neck. It is like cracking a whip. That’s why they call it whiplash.

In a whiplash neck injury, the head moves a significant distance with a great force in less than 1/4 of a second. In short, it is a fast high, impact injury most often experienced in a car accident where the acceleration and deceleration forces come into play. Most develop signs and symptoms of a whiplash injury within 24 hours of a car accident.

The force of impact in a motor vehicle accident causes an acceleration and deceleration movement of the head (snapping forward and backward motion). This acceleration and declaration movement injures the ligaments, joints, and muscles of the neck, upper back, shoulders, or other body parts. Contrary to the common belief, whiplash injuries can happen at low speeds, even if one was traveling at 5km.

You can suffer whiplash injury with no damage or slight damage to the car. Car accidents that cause whiplash injuries do so because it damages the soft tissue of the neck, including:

  1. Muscles
  2. Ligaments
  3. Spinal Discs
  4. Spinal Nerves
  5. Spinal Cord
  6. And Even Brain 

In most cases, injuries sustained in a car accident are minor and limited to the soft tissue of the neck. However, a whiplash injury is not always a serious injury. Still, it can lead to a prolonged period of partial disability for the patient.

Common Symptoms Of Whiplash Injury Following A Car Accident

It is essential to know that whiplash injuries often occur in car accidents. Still, they can also happen with contact sports, rollercoaster rides, falls, or abuse. As mentioned earlier, most with whiplash injuries will develop some symptoms within 24 hours. Still, there are a large number of people who are injured in a car accident but do not develop symptoms for weeks or months. We have included the most common signs and symptoms offer whiplash injury from car accidents, contact sports, falls, rides in an amusement park, or abuse below:

  • Neck stiffness, discomfort, or pain
  • Difficulty in moving the head
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort or stiffness when moving the head or neck
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty in sleeping difficulty or concentrating
  • Memory loss

Most patients will experience pain in the neck and shoulders with tenderness and stiffness following a car accident. Whiplash injuries from a car accident can damage or tear the muscles and ligaments of the neck. Accidents that are not serious will still damage the neck and cause the muscles to tighten or spasm. 

Even if your whiplash is simple, it can become a serious injury as it often impacts other sensitive tissues, such as your spinal nerves. Our clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists are the best in town regarding whiplash treatments following a car accident. If you have been involved in a car accident, do get hold of us for a thorough assessment of your spine and extremities.

What To Do If Your Whiplash Symptoms Don’t Go Away?

If your whiplash symptoms mentioned above are not improving, you should get a more detailed look at the injuries caused by the whiplash. An MRI of the neck is the best means for a complete assessment of injuries caused by a car accident. X-rays are great for bones. But whiplash injuries from a car accident often cause soft tissue damage. And the best diagnostic test for soft tissues is an MRI examination. MRI will detect if you have a ligamentous injury or any damage to your joints or spinal discs.

Car accident victims and other forms of whiplash injuries need careful monitoring. If you or a loved one is not getting better or if they start experiencing weakness, numbness, or tingling in the arms or legs, get them to be seen by an expert in whiplash as soon as possible.

Chiropractic Specialty Center®(CSC) in Kuala Lumpur has one of Malaysia’s best and most experienced chiropractors. CSC’s Dr. Yama has been treating car accident victims and sports injuries for 26 years; feel free to WhatsApp our Bukit Damansara center today for more intonation.

What To Expect When You Get Assessed For Whiplash Injuries?

We have listed the methods and steps our chiropractor often takes when assessing a car accident patient, sports injury, or those who experience a slip and fall:

  1. Inspection of the injured or symptomatic areas: The first step will be an inspection. Our Doctor of Chiropractic will carefully review the injured area and document any bruises, abrasions, or signs of inflammation (swelling)
  2. Postural assessment: Once the inspection is done, the chiropractor may proceed with the postural assessment. Our postural assessment aims to see if your head and neck are tilted more to one side, which may indicate soft tissue damage or irritation to spinal nerves and joints.
  3. Palpation of the injured area: palpation is an art. Our chiropractor carefully assesses the soft tissue by gently palpating the muscles and ligaments of the neck, upper back, and other injured areas. During palpation, you should not feel any tenderness or soreness. Tenderness or soreness during light palpation is a sign of injury.
  4. Range of motion examination: the next step in your assessment will be to identify any hindrance when you move your head and neck or injured parts of your body. Limitations in movement or painful movement are signs of soft tissue or joint injuries that must be carefully examined.
  5. Orthopedic in the neurological examination: once the range of motion assessment is completed, our chiropractor will assess the integrity of your joints and nervous systems through orthopedic and neurological evaluations. If you experience discomfort, stiffness, or pain during your assessments, you will need to mention it immediately.
  6. Diagnostic imaging: after your assessment, Our doctor of chiropractic may recommend X-rays or MRI assessments to finalize your diagnosis before we start your whiplash treatments.

What Is The Whiplash Treatment?

The best method of treating whiplash injuries is chiropractic with physiotherapy and personalized rehabilitation programs. Chiropractic combined with physiotherapy provides the best and most holistic approach to repairing any damaged tissue from a whiplash injury.

 Chiropractic Specialty Center (CSC) has the most experienced clinical team who will use advanced methodologies with hands-on methods and advanced therapeutic devices to help patients recover fast. The whiplash injury treatment you get at one of our centers will help you recover faster because we target the injured areas with methods and technologies in a holistic manner two facilitate rapid healing.

A good home remedy for patients with whiplash is to apply ice on the injured area for 15 minutes every two to four hours daily. Icing aims to reduce swelling. As the swelling subsides, healing starts to occur at a faster pace. 

Do car accident victims or whiplash-injured patients need a neck collar?

Neck collars, known as cervical collars, are excellent for those who have injuries to ligaments and muscles in their neck. Car accidents are notorious for injuring ligaments and muscles of the neck. Patients who have experienced whiplash neck injuries from sports or car accidents should wear a soft collar. Suppose you have pain or difficulty during sleep. In that case, you should speak with one of our chiropractors about wearing your soft collar during sleep.

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