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Which Type Of Chiropractic Technique Is Best?

The type of chiropractic technique your chiropractor uses can impact your recovery. All chiropractic techniques are good. The important question is which is best for you? If you just want a general mobilization any of the techniques will do. However, if you have an injured joint, a slipped disc, arthritis, or scoliosis, your chiropractor’s chiropractic technique makes the difference.

Rotatory chiropractic treatments (Diversified, joint mobilization, or the Gonstead techniques) are not suitable for patients with injuries, or spinal disc damage such as bulges, herniations, or extrusions. In this blog article, we have discussed the 9 chiropractic techniques used by most chiropractors.

The 9 Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic care is safe, non-invasive way to help people relieve pain and increase functional capacity. All treatment techniques by chiropractors are safe and effective at restoring joints functionally and reducing pain. However, there are instances when a specific chiropractic technique that meets the clinical needs of patients works better.

At CSC, we use one or more of the nine approaches or methods to get you back to a healthy, active life. We have listed the 9 most common chiropractic treatment approaches used by our chiropractor in Kuala Lumpur for your review below:

  1. Diversified type of chiropractic treatment technique
  2. Activator Method® type of chiropractic treatment
  3. SOT Technique (Sacro-Occipital chiropractic technique)
  4. Gonstead Type of chiropractic treatment
  5. Disc Pump
  6. General Manipulation, mobilization, or joint & body alignments
  7. Thompson Technique
  8. Flexion-Distraction or COX technique
  9. NSD Therapy®

The Diversified Technique: A Chiropractic Treatment Method For The Spine

The Diversified chiropractic technique is the most common in chiropractic. It uses hands-on thrusts to restore spinal alignment and increase the range of motion for patients who might be suffering from misaligned joints or bones due to poor posture. Every chiropractor is versed in Diversified as it is the primary technique taught in universities with chiropractic degree programs. It is suitable for simple mechanical neck and back issues. However, The Activator Methods® is a better alternative to the Diversified for patients with degenerative spine disorders, including slipped discs, bone spurs, scoliosis, and spondylosis.

The Activator Methods® Of Chiropractic Treatment For The Spine & Joints

The Activator chiropractic technique or method of chiropractic adjustment is the safest and most precise chiropractic treatment approach. It is suitable for all young and old patients with painful necks, backs, joints, sports injuries, torn ligaments, joint damage, arthritis, disc herniation, extrusion, bulging discs (slipped discs), joint damage, and disc damage. There is no “cracking” or “popping” of the joint or spine, but you may hear some “clicking.”

The clicking sounds you hear are the instrument as it mobilizes joints, tissues, or spinal bones. The primary reason the Activator method® is fast becoming the most efficient technique for neck, back, joints, and slipped discs is its higher precision in targeting joints, tissues, and spinal segments, its versatility, and effectiveness compared to other chiropractic treatment types. The Activator, Thompson, and SOT techniques are the only non-rotatory chiropractic treatment methods.

The SOT Chiropractic Technique (The Chiropractic Sacro Occipital Technique)

The Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) is a manual chiropractic technique developed by Dr. Bertrand DeJarnette. The SOT chiropractic technique aims to manipulate and realign the spine, including the pelvis, with gentle pressure and without rotation. Chiropractic treatment or adjustment through this technique is ideal for complicated and severe conditions, including spinal disc issues resulting from large bulges or disc herniations.

SOT is given to patients while positioned on their stomachs with specialized blocks known as the SOT block under the pelvis. The SOT blocks aim to level the pelvis and decrease soft tissue rigidity (decrease muscle tension and ligaments) before applying the chiropractic adjustments. Many are now successfully incorporating the SOT technique with the Activator methods.

The Gonstead Technique Of Chiropractic Treatment For The Spine

The Gonstead chiropractic technique or the Gonstead adjustment may restore joint alignment similar to the Diversified method but with less rotation or twisting. It is a manual method through which you may hear cracking or popping sounds. Due to its rotatory nature (slight as it may be), it is still not the most suitable method for patients with severe degeneration, arthritis, or disc bulges, including spondylosis, disc herniations, or extrusions, as they may worsen.

Disc Pump Method Of Treatment By A Chiropractor

Dr. Yama Zafer developed a disc pump, a chiropractic technique to complement the chiropractic treatment of patients with severe degenerative arthritis and spinal disc issues such as spinal disc bulges, prolapses, protrusions, herniations, and extrusions. The disc pump is manual decompression of spinal joints and spinal discs. It is provided with the patient seated through non-rotatory methods of manipulating joints with gentle pressure combined with patient efforts.

Osseous Manipulation (AKA Spinal Mobilization Or Joint Mobilization) A Chiropractic Treatment For Joints & Spine

Osseous manipulation or mobilization is a general term used for manual therapy that mobilizes joints. It is a non-specific form of manipulation or mobilization of joints and spine used by chiropractors & physical therapists (physiotherapists). The therapy or treatment process involves stretching combined with a forceful thrust to move joints of spinal bones. General mobilization or osseous manipulations by chiropractors are often provided for joints. However, a better alternative to the general mobilization is the Activator Method® of joint treatment. The Activator method of joint treatment works better because it is precise in targeting with minimal force.

It is a crude form of mobilization spine and joint, dating back thousands of years. Chiropractors and physical therapists should only provide this therapy method for patients with no visible signs of trauma, injury, or degenerative changes such as joint degeneration, disc degeneration, bulging discs, disc herniations, or other forms of slip-discs.

Thompson Technique Or Thompson Drop-Table Type Of Chiropractic Treatment

The Thompson chiropractic technique is a chiropractic treatment provided on a specialized table. The tables have built-in padded platforms fitted with a drop mechanism that gives away or drops when the chiropractor applies a thrust onto the spine or joint being treated.

Cox Therapy, Flexion-Distraction, Or Cox Flexion-Distraction Therapy A Chiropractic Treatment For The Spine

Flexion-distraction therapy, known as Cox-flexion-distraction, was discovered by Dr. James M. Cox in the 1960s. It’s often used to treat back pain caused by disc injuries. The technique uses a unique table gently moving the spine in rhythmic motions. This method is usually painless and even considered comfortable, so it is an excellent choice for people who have recently injured their backs or are extra sensitive to other forms.’

NSD Therapy®: NSD Therapy® or Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy is an integrative method of spine cafe that combines chiropractic with physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is not purely chiropractic or physiotherapy as it involves both. We listed this care system under chiropractic as Dr. Yama Zafer, a chiropractor, founded it. NSD Therapy® is a highly specialized method of treatment that focuses on damaged spinal discs, ligaments, muscles, and spine joints. It is ideal for all types of slipped discs and scoliosis patients. The primary therapy in NSD methods of treatment is spinal decompression therapy.

Spinal decompression therapy gently stretches the spine, encouraging the proper flow of water, oxygen, and other essential fluids into discs and throughout the spine. Spinal decompression may be considered more of a chiropractic technique than an adjustment. However, it is worth noting because it is so effective at relieving symptoms of lower back pain caused by bulging, herniating, degenerated, and slipped discs.

There is no one type of chiropractic adjustment. Each person’s body responds differently to each technique. Some people respond better to spinal manipulations (adjustments), while others do better with soft tissue work. Regardless of which approach works best for you, we can customize an appropriate plan based on your situation. Call us today to find out how chiropractic care can improve your life!

FAQ Regarding The Different Types Of Chiropractic Treatments

Here are some frequently asked questions about chiropractors answered by Dr. Yama Zafer, our director with 26 years of experience treating the spine and joints.

Which is the best type of spinal manipulation?

A good chiropractor should consider the individual characteristics of each person they treat. While every patient is unique, certain types of adjustments are better than others. If you have a degenerated disc, a slipped disc, or several arthritic joints, the Activator methods of the chiropractic approach are most suitable.

General aches and pain that have not caused damage or injury to joints, ligaments, muscles, or nerves can be treated safely with the Gonstead or Diversified methods. In short, there is no best technique. The best approach is one that meets your needs.

Which chiropractic technique is used at Chiropractic Specialty Center®(CSC)?

At CSC, we don’t re;y on a single method, approach, or technique in chiropractic. We aim to treat patients per their established diagnosis. For patients with spinal disc damage, we use the Activator Method® as it is a non-rotatory approach to corrections. In some cases, we may use the Gonstead or the Diversified techniques if we deem it helpful for your s[specific health conditions. Chiropractic joint pain treatment and treatments for injured joints are mainly through the Activator method. An injured and arthritic joint should not be twisted or pulled on aggressively.

What is that clickable thing they use when they adjust people’s spines?

Most often, when patients talk about the “clicker,” they talk about the Activator. The Activator is a small handheld tool used by chiropractors that manipulates the spine. (See a demonstration of how the clicker works.) it uses small gentle focused amounts of force in specific areas to help the spine realign without the need for large, more forceful movements. It can also be helpful for regions of the body where spasm prevents manual manipulation.

Is chiropractic adjustment safe for your neck?

Chiropractic treatment is safe for the neck, back, and joints for everyone from all walks of life. At CSC, our chiropractic treatment techniques are exact and safe for the entire family. Our chiropractor’s treatments are planned carefully, personalized, and provided through efficient means that are comfortable and safe for all individuals. Get in touch with us today to learn which type of chiropractic treatment is best for you.

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